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Beginnings Part II: How to write, produce, film own TV show-TEETH

One of the toughest decisions we faced early on was whether to focus on producing just the pilot episode or all six episodes. In the end, we chose a non-traditional approach to write, produce, and film our own TV show-TEETH:film all six episodes because we wanted to tell a complete story. This initially freed us from the expectations of selling the show and allowed us to focus on creating good art to share with friends and family.

Filming all six episodes required casting over 60 people, a daunting task for a show with no budget. In the end, people who were interested flocked to the project and we found a role for almost everyone. The core group of actors came from immediate friends and colleagues at work. One of the unexpected challenges was dealing with all the child actors, which I will detail in the next post.

Russ and I started meeting weekly to discuss all production areas in early January with a May start date. In late March we began a couple read throughs with the core group of actors and then expanded it to everyone in April. Try as we did, nothing could really prepare us for the initial weekend filming on May 6th/7th.

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