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Beginnings Part I: Writing, Producing, Filming TV Show

I never would have imagined writing, producing, and filming a TV Show. The idea for TEETH actually started in 2020 when COVID sent me out of the hospital and into two dental offices. Up till that point, I had only practiced anesthesia in a hospital where it seemed that the common bond between healthcare providers and patients was their collective dislike of being there. Working at a dental office was like jumping into another world. For the first time I actually looked forward to go to work. I was surrounded by colleagues who enjoyed their work and collectively we made changes to help our patients feel more comfortable at the dentist. I don’t know if enjoying your job brings more fun your way, but it seemed that every week brought an interesting experience that made me chuckle. I would just file these away in my memory. In the fall of 2022, my friend Russ encouraged me to put these experiences as a nurse anesthetist on paper. I had never written a TV show, but it came relatively easy as my work seemed well suited for a comedy. In a few short months one episode blossomed into six and then Russ said that we should film all six episodes… a daunting task for two guys with families, full-time jobs, and limited production experience. We knew that the only way to get this TV show produced was to do it ourselves. I broached the idea with a few work colleagues, who were to be the core group of actors, and they willingly signed onto the project...

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